Nicotine Freedom Hypnosis forever.

Nicotine Freedom Hypnosis forever.

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This Hypnotic Video audio is about you going into it with the intention that you want the freedom from Nicotine forever, it is your intention & your total responsibility, I can be your guide and if you listen regularly to it you will be free but ultimately it will be your decision to be free, if you decide after listening to this audio that you will continue not to be free that will be your responsibility totally however I wish you many hopes for your health & riches you will have, Kind Regards & Blessings Rosalie

My Videos are about helping people with information about natural self-healing that I have gathered so much knowledge over the last 30 years in the Natural Healing field after healing myself and I want to share so much with people that are seeking answers to being their true powerful selves who can live the life of happy healthy beings. Sharing is Caring & that is what I am about.

I do not own any of the pictures as they have been shared from social media so please let me know if you see any that you do own & I will give credit, thanks Rosalie

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